Mobile Recording

q music maintains a ready Mobile Remote Recording capability. As an adjunct to our sound reinforcement services, we routinely capture musical events as digital multitrack recordings.

Many bands have employed our Mobile Recording services to create a quick yet polished demo based upon a night’s performance. Others have found this an excellent mechanism to create a complete CD release with the energy of a live performance, and without the sometimes stuffy and stultified artificial feel of a studio effort.


Our standard combined SR/Recording package captures the musical moment as 24 tracks of 24-bit/44.1 KHz files in timestamped Broadcast .wav format. This exceeds the quality level of production CDs. The multitrack files are sent in digital format from the mixing board to the recorder, right off the microphone preamps of the mixer. This allows for maximum flexibility in later production and mixdown, while maintaining stellar audio quality.

What we Deliver

These multitrack .wav files are supplied to the client on a USB hard disk drive. This format allows the client to import these files into a Digital Audio Workstation of their choice. The client then has wide latitude in options for overdubbing, sweetening, and mixing. This format is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and a number of standalone hardware recorders from Roland, Tascam, IZ Technologies, and others. These tracks can be imported into most DAWs such as Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, and others.

Note that this delivery mechanism assumes the client will arrange for mix and mastering independently. We can of course handle these tasks as well. See below for further information.


Our standard Mobile Recording package carries a cost of $100.00 on top of the base Sound Reinforcement charge. This assumes a standard performance of up to four hours, and that q music is providing complete SR production services for the event being recorded. Media costs are in addition to this charge, with a USB hard drive sufficient for a typical full two-night engagement frequently available under $100.00 (costs vary daily). This drive would be usable for multiple projects, and media rentals are also available.


If a more comprehensive solution is desired, q music can provide post production, overdubbing, sweetening, mixing and mastering for a finished product. We can also handle up to 48 track productions, or other delivery services (Firewire HDD, audio tape, DVD, etc.). We are also capable of coordinating the recording with other providers of SR production.

Perhaps our most popular option is our complete Demo Package. This is ideal for a band that wants a polished demo with a minimum of fuss.

Your next gig could become your next recording! Contact us today to make your next release a reality!

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