Sound Reinforcement

Experienced event planners recognize the value that the proper production crew contributes to the success of their endeavors. A capable Sound Reinforcement system provides a natural focus to any event, transforming what would be an unmanageable problem in conveying information and entertainment to an assembled throng into an engaging experience for all. Such a sound system, and the crew that operates it, must be of sufficient capability. Yet this system and its crew must be unobtrusive in order to avoid becoming the focus in and of itself.

Since the dawn of the HiFi era in postwar America, the average person has become ever more sophisticated with each new advance in entertainment technology. The natural progression from stereo, through digital music (CDs), and to home theater systems with surround sound and beyond, has continually raised the bar in consumer expectations. Today, the average person is very discerning in what they will accept as being high quality sound. These expectations have led to increasing demands upon Sound Reinforcement for public events.

In the distant past, it may have been acceptable for someone to throw a couple of speakers on a podium in order to provide a public address system. In contrast, today’s Sound Reinforcement systems have steadily marched ahead of consumer expectations in order to provide a compelling  experience. In order to implement this progress, today’s Sound Reinforcement system is one of astonishing complexity to the untrained layperson.

The production staff of q music would love to help you identify and plan for the Sound Reinforcement needs of your presentation. We have decades of experience working hand in hand with municipalities, bands, civic organizations, businesses, musicians, clubs, couples, and others - many with sound needs very similar to yours! Unlike other sound companies, who may wish to impose a single canned package upon every event that they cater, q music prefers to collaborate with each individual client to ensure that their particular needs are identified, understood, and met with complete satisfaction. We at q music can provide appropriately scaled service for your event, be it a small company team-building meeting, a wedding, a club appearance by a band, or a multi-day music festival. By ‘appropriately scaled’, we mean equipment and crew capable of providing an exciting experience for all attendees, while remaining unobtrusive. Our professional team can provide and operate a Sound Reinforcement system for any sized event from a dozen to two thousand people!

At q music, it is our belief that you already have too many details to coordinate in planning for your event. Working through the technical details of sound can be (and often is) a full-time job in itself. Entrust q music with the responsibility of coordinating and executing all the myriad minutiae involved in ensuring that your event has systems in place to draw the focus and attention of all present to your featured acts or speakers. We are ready, willing, and able to take this ball and run with it.

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Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • Boulder County Fair
  • City of Berthoud
  • John Elway Chevrolet
  • Colorado Mortorcycle Show and Swap Meet
  • City of Greeley
  • CU Law School
  • Mead Boil’n’Boogie
  • Down the Road Corvettes
  • National Western Complex
  • City of Fort Collins
  • Six Flags Elitch Gardens
  • Longmont ArtWalk
  • National Council of Corvette Clubs
  • Lee Thomas Band
  • MojoMama
  • Usual Suspects
  • Bad River
  • Dago and Criminal History
  • King Cleveland
  • Burn
  • Rhythm Oil
  • Mojo Gaia
  • Chaser
  • Onda
  • Jo Mama
  • Heartbreak Radio
  • Jerry Shaffer and the Darn Thirsty Cowboys

...and many more!

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