Combo 4.16

The next-step-up complete system is the ‘Combo 4.16’. This is a fairly sophisticated, impactful system ideally suited for:

  • feature music groups for audiences of up to 250 people
  • spoken word or incidental music presentations to groups of up to 600 people.

It is nicely integrated, not complicated to set up or operate, and will fit in the back of a minivan with room left over for all the band’s personal amps & drums.

It includes the following:

  • Two JBL Eon15P speakers with integrated power amps
  • Two JBL MP418SP/MP418S powered 18” subwoofers
  • Mackie CR1604vlz 16 channel, 4 group, 6 aux  mixer
  • Two stereo graphic eq’s
  • Three digital multiFX processors
  • Symetrix 528 preamp/para eq/compressor/gate/de-esser
  • Speaker stands, all necessary interconnecting cables
  • All electronics pre-cabled and mounted in a ‘mixer rack’
  • Simple illustrated setup and operation guide

This system rents for $113.40 daily, $189.00 for a two-day rental

Need monitors? Our ‘Monitor 2+’ or ‘Monitor 4’ packages are good matches for this system.

Microphones, DI boxes, snakes, etc. are all a la carte due to the wide variability in customer needs for a system of this scope.

Have a larger crowd, or other more demanding needs? Substitute a pair of Mackie SR1530 three way powered speakers for the Eon15P’s for an additional $33.00/day or $55.00/ two days.

Have more than 16 inputs? Our Roland VM-7200 digital mixing system can accommodate up to 94 channels, and includes delay, dynamics, and 4 band parametric eq on each channel. Contact us for details.

Note: This is a sophisticated system, and there is a potential for damage or injury due to improper use. Accordingly, we will not rent this system to those who have not demonstrated to our satisfaction the level of knowledge and responsibility we may deem necessary.

Still not a large enough system? Need more ‘oomph’? We can do that! Though this is currently our largest pre-configured system, we have much larger equipment we haven’t yet talked about. Due to the unique needs of each customer for a larger system we prefer to work hand-in-hand with the customer (you) to come up with a system tailored to your exact needs. See this page for more info.

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