We have a number of prepackaged systems that are each ideal for a given application. Each of these packages are selected for painless setup and operation. Each system comes with a complete illustrated step-by-step setup guide and a system component checklist and manifest, as well as a simple operations guide suitable for the new user. Additionally, each of these packages are available at a savings below our affordable standard component price.

Click on a section below for a description of a system suitable for your application, outlining its composition and capabilities, along with pricing info:

Perhaps you want to spec your own system, or just need a few pieces to add to your current system. You can see some of our a la carte offerings here.

We can of course provide systems much larger and more capable than the above examples. We have equipment onsite capable of running several-day, multi-act festivals for up to 2000 concurrent attendees. We also maintain working relationships with other reputable firms in the region, which allows us to combine equipment for even larger shows. However, these types of events typically require systems configured especially for the particular event, and therefore are not amenable to pre-configured packages. Please see this page for our ‘soup to nuts’ Sound Reinforcement services.

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