Spoken 1.0

Our most basic complete system is the ‘Spoken 1.0’. This is a small, lightweight, unobtrusive system ideally suited for spoken word  or incidental music presentations to groups of up to fifty people. It is quick to set up, simple to operate, and can be carried by one person in one trip.

It includes the following:

  • JBL Eon10P speaker with integrated preamp and power amps
  • Microphone suited for intended speaker (e.g. Shure SM58, Audio-Technica ATM29HE)
  • Speaker stand, mic stand, all necessary interconnecting cables
  • Simple illustrated setup and operation guide

This system rents for $14.00 daily, $23.50 for a two-day rental

Have a larger crowd? Our ‘Spoken 2.0’ system extends the clean, clear sound of ‘Spoken 1.0’ to an audience of approximately 100. It adds a second Eon10P speaker, stand, and cabling to the above. The “Spoken 2.0’ system costs $23.80 for a one-day rental, and $40.00 for two days.

Do you need multiple mics? Does your presentation require music? Cover a larger room? Step up the ‘Basic 2.12’ system here.

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